Excavation in Sidney and Victoria, BC

Our Featured Projects

New Driveway

  • This new driveway was installed to access new house after property was sub dived. Rock and stumps hauled away. 3" road base delivered and compacted for sub base. Then 3/4'' road base was applied for paving.

NAV Canada Wind Tower Service Road Project

  • Service road built to excess wind tower.
  • This road is 400 feet long with a turn around and parking space.

Central Saanich - Ridgedown Estate Road Building and Excavation

  • Land Development for 5,000 sq/foot custom estate
  • We stripped away the top soil to clear a path for the construction of the driveway
  • We then proceeded to strip away the top soil and prepared the area for the house excavation.
  • Excavated building envelope for new house.

North Saanich/Deep Cove Landscape & Seawall Construction

  • Customer requested a seawall, and due to the restricted access area, a custom fabric was laid down to protect existing staircase.
  • Our team proceeded to haul and remove 6 dump truck loads of fill material, pavers, and brush from the property. This totaled over 360 trips from our bobcat and the stairs are still in mint condition without any disturbance to the house or surrounded environment.

Victoria House Raising

  • Customer requested the excavation for a full basement under his existing old character house, in order to accommodate the development of 2 new rental suites.
  • The house was raised one foot and our team maneuvered in confined spaces and excavated the materials from under the house.
  • This project was completed in just 2 days!

Victoria Retaining Wall Replacement

  • Replaced leaning concrete retaining wall
  • Installed new concrete walkway
  • Placement of topsoil and sod

Saanich Landscaping and Driveway

  • Customer requested a custom design and built concrete driveway.
  • Site Services installed included water control devices.
  • Garden landscaping and irrigation were installed near the top of the driveway.

Victoria Airport Snow Removal & De-Icing

Saanich Subdivision Development

  • Land clearing and site preparation for house move and raise to create remove for the development of 2 new houses on the property.
  • This allowed the client to recycle the old house (in the process saving 40 trees!)
  • We then trenched and installed site services (utilities) for the sub-division.
  • Utilities included telephone, hydro, water and gas.
  • This installation included an engineered rock pit to capture all rainwater from the property and re-use it before it was washed away.

Sidney Site Services

  • Transferred system of old power poles (above ground) into new underground utilities.
  • Trenched narrow area to reduce impact on clients property
  • Installation of Utilities including hydro, telephone and water.

Saanich Residential Backfill & Landscape

  • Developed backyard area for the purpose of leveling the steep terrain in the backyard.

Central Saanich Garage Demolition

  • Factoring in the confined space, our team chose to use a Hitachi ZX75 to remove the garage of this private residence.
  • This allowed access for the house moving team to raise the house.
  • This was a one day project.