Excavation in Sidney and Victoria, BC

Excavation Victoria, Vancouver Island, and Southern Gulf Islands.

At South Island Excavating we are dedicated to establishing long term business relationships with customers that expect the best in quality and service. Experience for yourself what sets us apart from the rest! If you'd like to know more, click here to read more about Chris Hall, the owner of South Island Excavating.

Excavating, Trucking & Bobcat Services

Excavating & Trucking in Victoria, BC

These three services are important for each and every task we perform. We have over 20 years experience providing excavation services to Victoria, Vancouver Island, and the Southern Gulf Islands. We take pride in knowing and understanding the local conditions and environment better than anyone. Simply put, experience is our difference.

Landscape Construction & Design

Landscape Design in Victoria, BC

We will work with you to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional space for your property. Our landscape work includes brush clearing, boulder placement, hardscaping, and the deliveries of top soil, bark mulch, sea soil, sand, gravel, and much more. Our expertise in this area can turn old rundown areas into amazing spaces that will breathe new life into your property!

Custom & Engineered Rock Walls

Landscape Design in Vancouver Island, BC

If you want a rock wall that lasts, there's only one way to build it. It comes down to the right design and the right product. Every rock wall we build comes with built-in water control measures to prevent downslope movement and erosion. Our proven techniques will make sure your walls will last a lifetime.

Project Management & Design

Project Management and Design on Vancouver Island, BC

Our extensive experience will always ensure that your project is in the right hands. Our team has worked in many unique circumstances that allows us to conceptualize each project from start to finish. We can see the big picture, allowing us to use only the necessary equipment and map out each phase of the project. In the end, our hands-on management of each project will save you money and ensure your project is completed on time.

Underground Utilities & Site Services

Underground Utilities and Site Services in Vancouver Island, BC

This is a multifunctional aspect of our business. Our site services can include:

    • Underground electrical, hydro, water, gas, telephone, cable, and data communications
    • Storm and sewer hookups
    • Damage repairs
    • Perimeter Drains
    • Pipe Laying

Land Clearing, Demolition & Site Preparation

House Demolition in Saanich, BC

This process involves the clearing of trees, stumps, brush, and old structures before a project begins. We will prepare the site in such a way as to not disrupt the environment and surrounding structures.

Snow Removal & De-icing

Snow Removal in Victoria, BC

Our team is equipped and experienced to provide service beyond anyone else on Vancouver Island. We are set apart by our advanced equipment, including being the only service provider in BC to provide a hydraulically controlled snow blade. We are a trusted contractor of the Victoria Airport Authority, working to clear roadways, parking areas, and aircraft aprons.

Power Sweeping

We provide this service to help keep job sites, roads, and parking lots clean of dust, mud and debris. Our equipment, similar to a city street cleaner, can clean acres of space in just minutes.

Hyrdaulic Breaker

Concrete Breaker in Victoria, BC

This is basically a hydraulically controlled "super-jackhammer". This is useful for breaking up and removing concrete and stone structures including driveways, rockwalls and foundations.


Landscape and Construction Delivery in the Saanich Peninsula, BC

Our fleet of trucks allow us to provide delivery of landscape and construction materials throughout Greater Victoria, Saanich Peninsula and the Gulf Islands. These materials include sand, soil, gravel, top soil, and more.